Friday, January 20, 2006

no more changing table

I've been thinking this for awhile now but didn't want to admit it. My sweet baby is way too big for her changing table! We've been using an old dresser as her changing table, an old dresser that I think was my grandmother's. Chris painted it before she was born, and it goes just great in her room.

After struggling with her for awhile now, trying to figure out where to put the box of wipes while I'm changing her, and having her head hang off the end, I finally decided to turn it into just a dresser. *sigh* It's a little sad. She's growing up. I'm sure I'll play around alot trying to decide exactly what to put on top.


elizabeth said...

Having the babies grow up is so bittersweet. I love the pictures!

We got rid of the changing pad months ago. I have always found it easier to change the kids on the floor or couch!

TMK said...

How funny! I remember when Tanner got too long to carry down the hallway without dragging on the wall. They grow up fast don't they?! Just about time for another.

Miss Hope said...

I thought I would be sad about Vitt growing up...and I am to a point. But after doing this gig for ten years...I'm kind of ready for them all to be potty trained!