Monday, January 23, 2006

things that make you go hmmmm

She assured me the gift certificate had been sent Friday (the 13th). I received it today. It was postmarked the 18th. hmmmmmmm If she mailed it the 13th, wouldn't the post office postmark it as the 13th, or at least the 14th?


AmyB said...

Thank you for your encouragement for my friend! They have not heard anything yet...he is not giving up though...he can make a tape and overnight it by the end of this month. The awesome thing is that though this is what they want, they know they are not in control and have given it all to God.

Kate said...

I think you're right about the postmark--even if she had just stuck it in the mail late Friday, it would have been postmarked for Saturday. At least you got it--you didn't happen to receive a mysterious box of maternity clothes did you? ha ha

Malia said...

People will say anything just to get you off the phone and out of your hair. "Customer service" just keeps on going downhill. There's a website called where you can enter your less than par "customer service" encounters for a chance at cash prizes. It's legit, a Nashville blogging budy (Busy Mom) is one of the judges.