Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yeah, I bought some.

*I bought some boots. I'm not sure what all I'll wear them with, but I bought some. I didn't get the high ones, though. I just got some to wear with pants. We'll see how it goes.

*Gracie & I started reading the Little House books yesterday. We have the 9 book set that I got when I was teaching. I saved up my bonus points from my students' book orders. I was so excited to get it! A few months ago, I started looking for the set and couldn't find it anywhere. I was really upset because I checked at Barnes & Noble and it was about $40-50! I finally found it in a box out in the shed and last night we began with the first book, "Little House in the Big Woods." I have also discovered that the show comes on each night at 8:00 on TVLand, so I've been watching it some. Gracie goes to bed at 7:30 each school night other than church nights, so she doesn't usually get to watch it. I just love that show!

*Katie did something today that Gracie never did. I put a bag of grapes in the grocery cart and turned away. When I turned back, she was eating a grape! I kind of laughed and told her she wasn't supposed to do that, so.......she put it back! Oh well, at least it was the bag I was buying!

*My parents get to go on a free trip to New York City next week! The junior class at Greater Atlanta Christian School, where my dad works, is going there on a trip. Some of the people who had already paid aren't going for some reason and the money was non-refundable, so they were looking for people to go in their place so the money wouldn't go to waste. They called Dad and he said yes and to let him know if another spot came up. It did and they called him again so Mom's going, too! This will be fun for them. Neither one of them has ever been. I think they'll do lots of things with the group but there are alot of chaperones, so they don't have to do major duty chaperoning themselves. They're even going to get to see "Wicked" which I've heard is really good.

*Playgroup is tomorrow. We used to meet in homes for playgroup. Then we got to be too large of a group, so we met at the church building. Then we sold our building and are in a temporary location and can't meet there for playgroup. Now, we usually meet at a local community center. We went through our kids' toys and made big tubs of "garage sale" toys to be our "playgroup toys." You may remember me mentioning earlier that my playgroup box of toys "disappeared." *ahem* I won't mention what my husband inadvertantly did to it. *ahem* Suffice it to say that the box is with us no more, so we filled a new box tonight with toys from our house. I'm thinking the kids will think it's cool to have "new" toys at playgroup anyway.

*I wanted to recommend 2 blogs for today: Deana's for humor. It's hilarious today! Also, Elizabeth's for warming your heart. It's precious!

*Well, I'm going to go read some more in the new book I just started. The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. So far, I'm really liking it.


jettybetty said...

Are you going to post of pic of you with your boots on??? Who said SAHM's didn't know the fashion trends??

I LOVE Little House books--love them! I have all the tv shows memorized I've watched them so many times. {Perhaps that should go on my *wierd* list.}

I hope your parents love NYC--we have seen "Wicked" and it is GREAT! What a treat for them!!

MDM said...

Do you like her books? I noticed my granny has them. Have you read and of Catherine Palmer's books? Just finished, "Love's Haven" and really liked it.

Alissa said...

Can't wait to see your boots. I think I have settled on the ones that I am going to get to replace the ones my mom bought me. They are knee high, but very casual, so you will probably see me wear them to playgroup or something like that. I have some black ankle high ones, and hardly wear them. Guess this SAHM just doesn't have the right places to go with some cool boots.