Thursday, January 05, 2006

funny moment

I just had to grab the camera when I caught Katie putting Gracie's shoes on her baby doll and trying to tie them.

Of course, not to be left out, Gracie wanted me to take a picture of her too. This particular one, I have to admit, is a little posed, but she is reading on the couch as I type this now. I got to help students in her class take their first Accelerated Reader tests on the computer yesterday. I loved that! It was a change of pace from the other kinds of tutoring I've been doing, pretty much a whole new batch of kids, and a change of scenery since we were in the library rather than the workroom. Of course, I was proud of Gracie's reading and her performance on the test for that book! I just feel very blessed to have a child who likes to read so much since the desire to read makes such a difference in how successful a child will be.

We had playgroup today. What is with my youngest child reverting back to wanting to play with electrical outlets?!? Honestly, she messed with them when she was little, but she'd stopped. Just this week, she started again. Alissa & some other friends caught her a few times as did I. She is stubborn too because I let it be known that this was not acceptable behavior and she'd go back. A couple of times, it looked like she was just getting close to it but not actually touching it. She'd been playing with some play tools and maybe she was trying to "fix" it, but still! I don't want my 22 month old even pretending to play with it! Ugh! Due to a new babysitting situation, Kate was able to be with us for part of the day, too! We got to have her little sweetie, Bryson, the whole time. That was nice!

Alissa and I were also commenting on how her little girl, Alora, and Katie have such an interesting relationship. Alora will be 3 in April so she's just about a year older than Katie. They will sometimes fight like cats & dogs, then still end up gravitating to each other to play at other times. They both tend to be a little stubborn which I'm sure leads to the fighting part!

Gracie & her daddy are going on a date tomorrow! Chris & I have been talking about how important the relationship is between a daddy & his daughter (as are the other relationships within a family too of course.) So, they're going on a date tomorrow during the day, just the 2 of them. I'm happy about this and Gracie is very excited to spend this special time with her daddy!

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jettybetty said...

I am glad you had your camera handy--I think Katie understands shoes!

*wink* I am so glad you are involved at Gracie's school! Have I mentioned that I think parental involvement might be the most important factor of a child's education? What do you think?

OOO I think it's so great that Gracie and Chris are going on a date--girls and their daddies just need each other!!