Thursday, January 05, 2006


Wow. I was just watching ER. A 15 year old girl was pregnant. She'd apparently gotten drunk at a party and was raped. It wasn't the type of rape where she tried to fight her attacker. It was the type where she woke up and found evidence, like her jeans being off, of having been raped. She did admit to drinking and doing "other things" with boys that night but always expected her "first time" to be with someone she loved. She & her family were deeply religious, so abortion was a sin to them. After the doctors talked with her and realized that it was a rape and that she didn't want the baby, one of them did a procedure on her that, in his words, "gave God a chance to reconsider." This response was given to her when she asked if it was a sin.

Basically, it wasn't called an abortion, but it would most likely cause her to miscarry. I can't remember the exact name of it. From what I gathered, this was done without the consent of her parents. She asked him, "What do I tell my mom?" He said, "She'll think you're miscarrying. You will be." He also told her she'd have to come back in a few days to have whatever it was he had put in her removed.

This was disturbing to me for many reasons.


janjanmom said...

I found this show really challenged me in ways I did not want to be challenged. As a christian I agreed wholeheartedly with the parents who said you cannot punish the baby. As a mom though, having to make my child go through the turmoil of pregnancy(at 15) and the embarrassment. I guess it would just have to make her stronger. She said the verse I would have given her. I also would have made her read all about Ishmael. Adoption is such a good thing, but what alot of pain. It was her decision though, a decision no 15 year old is equiped to make...I did not like the topic of the show. I hope we are never in those shoes. I have three girls, 9,8, & 4 and I don't want to think about it.

Subject change, I enjoy your blog. Your girls are sweet. I hope to post pics soon of mine.

Janice from KY
PS. You can't blame Luka though, he is just too sweet-even if he did hook up with Abby.

jettybetty said...

Jacinda, I didn't see this show, but it must have been DISTURBING--because 2 of my fav blogs are talking about it this morning--yours and this one (I think you might enjoy his comments):

jettybetty said...

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rev-ed said...

One of the more disturbing parts for me was that adoption was never even mentioned. Embarrassing, sure, but there is a baby in there.

Full disclosure -- I'm adopted, so it's a bit more personal to me.

Malia said...

Actually adopting was mentioned, but only in passing and could have easily been missed. And it may not have been one of the docs that said it, it may have been the girl, anyways, it did get a nod.

And to be perfectly honest, it wasn't the 15 year olds storyline that bothered me it was the Abby/Luka storyline. Considering an abortion just because being pregnant doesn't "fit" into your life or on your schedule or agenda or whatever is just downright bad and selfish and irresponsible. Don't want to be a parent? Don't have sex! Want to have sex? Don't be surprised if/when you turn up pregnant! Anyway...that's all I'll say, here.

janjanmom said...

Rev-ed- I have many friends and family who are adopted...and many more who have adopted...and still more who would like to but don't have the $$$ it takes. I would like to say that we would absolutely take that route(adoption) and I would sure argue that point vehemently with my child if she were fifteen, raped and pregnant(or even just pregnant). I think it would make her stronger to do something so noble for another family...but to force it on her would be as bad as a non-christian family forcing an abortion on a Christian 15 year old. God wants us to live within his code of conduct...but he also gives us free will. I would love for there to be no abortions(also no murder, no adultery, no molestations, etc)...but I can't force will is involved. I hope I raise my children to do what God would want them to do in all circumstances, but at some point it has to become their own mistakes and their own faith. Every abortion is a tragedy but not an unforgivable sin. Sometimes it is a decision that brings a life to Christ and that life ministers to others in a way no one else can. God can take a mistake and make it into a plan for his will. I would think I would have to let go and pray alot with her(and without her).

FULL DISCLOSURE- I was a teenaged failure and disappointment to God and myself, yet he uses my mistakes to keep me humble and minister to others.

I hope I am never in those shoes!!
Sorry to hog you blog, Jacinda!! The date looks awesome. I hope they have lots of fun and you have inspired me to start this soon with my own girls.

As soon as my heavily filtered internet lets me, I will read your blog Rev-ed!