Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why, oh why????

Why oh why oh why?!?!?!

Okay, I have~had~8 presenters lined up for the Family Enrichment Night at Gracie's school next week. I have done alot of phone calling, time on the computer, time up at the school, email, etc. to get to this point. Last week, I sent home letters with 5 students whose parents are going to be presenters. I dropped 1 off at a place of business, mailed 1, and I still have 1 I need to mail because I just got the address yesterday. These letters were basically thank you letters to the presenters for agreeing to do this for our students and giving them some updated information.

One of my main objectives in doing this was just in case anyone needed to cancel, they could do so before I made the 600 or so copies for all of the students. (Yeah, I know I still have the 1 to mail today. Surely she won't need to cancel.) Anyway, I didn't hear from anyone, so Friday I made all the copies and left them in one of the offices. Yesterday morning, after I dropped off Gracie, I went into the office and distributed the copies to each teacher's box, spoke with the principal about some details and then left. Gracie came home with her letter so I knew that at least her teacher had followed the rules and sent it home that day. We filled out her letter after she made her choices of her favorite classes.

Last night, around 9:30, I noticed we had a message on the answering machine. We'd been home 2 hours and I hadn't noticed a message when we'd gotten home. I press 'play' and it's from one of the presenters asking me to call her. It was pretty late, but since it appeared she'd just called me 15 minutes earlier (why didn't we hear it ring?!??!) I tried calling her back. It was busy....and busy...and busy! So, I called her this morning at 8:15. Guess what?!?! You guessed it! She cancelled!!!!!!!!!! The day after the teachers sent home all the letters!

Granted, it's a good reason to cancel. A family member out of town is having surgery and she's going to take care of her. I understand, but still it's something that needs to be dealt with! Do I tell the teachers who are in charge of placing everyone in their classes to just cancel that class? Do I run to bakeries around town trying to find a cake decorator to take her place?

Today is my day to volunteer in Gracie's class. I had already decided, and told Miss S, that I wouldn't be coming in today. I needed to run some errands and thought I'd take Katie's MDO time to get some things done. Well, now I had to go up to the school and try to find someone to help me with this! Dr. B, the principal, was in the office talking to 2 of the secretaries when I went in. I explained it to her and she said she would make some calls to try find a replacement. She had some ideas of who to call. I was very appreciative of her calm approach to the matter and her willingness to help. I sure am hoping she can find a replacement.

Anyway, so I was already a little nervous, but now I'm even more nervous. What if someone else cancels?!?!? Breathe, Jacinda, breathe.
Our new Life Groups start Sunday evening. I'm looking forward to that.
I keep hearing about 'FlyLady.' I desperately need to get organized and apparently that's what she helps you with. Anyone else know anything about her?
I called my dad yesterday morning and he was watching people skate at Rockefeller Plaza. I'm happy they got to go on this trip. He said "Wicked" is everything you could imagine. He said my mom just sat there spellbound with her mouth open the whole time. My friend, Alissa, had tried to read the book and couldn't get into it, but she loves the music from it. Dad said people had told them that the book was bad, but he said the musical was great! He said the story was really good...about 2 sisters who ended up being the "good" witch and the "bad" witch of "The Wizard of Oz." He said it really made him want to go see more Broadway musicals. (And that's not a typical thing for my dad to say!)
Chris cancelled our satellite service yesterday. Honestly, we end up watching alot of junk we don't need to watch and it's just another bill we could do without. Putting those 2 factors together, we decided it would be a good idea. I sure will miss "Little House on the Prairie," "7th Heaven," "Food Network," "Jo Jo's Circus," etc. I'm sure we'll do just fine, though!
Dear Lord,
Thank you for our blessings. Please help me to trust in You and not stress. Help me to get organized & motivated in order to do things I need to get done.
In Jesus' Name, Amen


Jenni said...

FlyLady is wonderful. I don't do all the routines and things she suggests, but she has definitely revolutionized my thinking on keeping clutter (aka "junk") and reminding me that I can do anything in baby steps (15 minute increments). I would recommend it to anyone.

I loved Wicked also - so glad that your folks were able to see it.

elizabeth said...

I love flylady. I have been following her for years. I, like Jenni, don't always do it, but it makes sense and give some coordination to organization.

Sorry about the PTA stuff. I was in your shoes a few months ago and it at times drove me crazy. It will be over soon!

jettybetty said...

Glad the people in the school office had some good replacement ideas for you--I don't think anyone else will cancel--surely!!!

I like Fly Lady--but I signed up with her--and I was getting about 20 emails a day--so I had to stop--because I was overwhelmed. I do think she has great ideas--I just don't know if I am even up to her email level yet!!

I enjoy 7th Heaven, too! (I don't know anyone else who does!?!) They are on the last few episodes--so you won't miss much.

Laura said...

I love your blog! I found your site through JettyBetty's blog. I, also, have subscribed to FlyLady and have fallen off the Flywagon. It was very helpful at first to get some organization into (at the very least, my thoughts) and my cleaning routines. I'm finding though that too often, her schedules don't leave much consideration for small, active children. It's a great site though with some good ideas!

I look forward to stopping by more often!