Monday, January 09, 2006

quote of the day from a stay-at-home mom

I was talking to my stay-at-home mom friend, Melissa. We were talking about shoes, black boots specifically. Alot of the girls around here are wearing the cutest black boots....with jeans, short skirts, whatever. I was telling her how I've seen them at the stores and like them but just don't know that they're "me."

I told her I liked the look Kate has when she wears her black boots with her jeans and how one day at church 2 or 3 other girls (well, ladies really....young moms & young marrieds) had on knee length skirts with patterned black hose and high black boots. I thought it looked so nice and had talked to Chris saying things like, "Who sets these trends? How do they know this is the new look?" (Like he's really going to know the answer to these questions!)

Melissa laughed and said, "Jacinda! These girls work! They see other people walking around. We watch Higglytown Heroes and they don't wear go-go boots!"

I laughed really hard. Ah, the life of a stay-at-home mom!
On another note: I ended up taking Katie to MDO this morning where she did fine. I went up to the school and made the copies & distributed them to the teachers' boxes. The secretary was very helpful and I was done in about 1/2 an hour, so I ended up running an errand and having some "me" time. I was contemplating on how easy a time I'd had with making the copies and then I remembered that I had prayed about this whole thing. So, why was I surprised that it went well?!? :-)


erin said...

Ok, are you talking knee-high boots? I really think you should get some, because I really think you should get some. You could wear them with skirts and pants....

Kate said...

Just a secret--my boots aren't knee-high. In fact, they are ankle boots! I can't wear knee-high because the calf part of my leg is so skinny (chicken legs), I can't hold up a boot!

I bet you do know fashion if you watch any soap operas (wink).

Alissa said...

I have a problem with knee high black boots, right now. My mom got me the cutest pair for Christmas, and I love how they look and all, but they were too little. I now need to exchange them, but they don't have the size I need any more and I can't find another pair that I like that aren't 2 times what these cost! Ugggh!

jettybetty said...

I'm just getting online for today--so I missed out on *some* of the excitement!

You are probably in the meeting right now--so I shooting up a prayer that God will shine through you--and you will be able to handle anything they throw at you to His glory!

I thought your SAHM quote was very funny--and so true!

Suzanne said...

Loved this post! As a SAHM myself, fashion trends elude me at this time in my life. Yet, my sis who is also a SAHM invested in a pair of black boots, with actual heels nonetheless, and it did wonders for her self-esteem! I may just have to go get a pair myself after our newest little miracle is born. With my clumsiness right now, there is no way I could walk in them without falling on my face!

My best to you and yours!

Kristen said...

Thankfully I have kept up with some of my friends from when I worked at an office in event planning. They ALWAYS know the latest and greatest in clothes, shoes, jewelry.

According to them (most of them newly married with no kiddos), another fashion trend I am supposed to be following is the wearing of "chunky", long beaded necklaces. I asked Kevin if he thought I could pull that "look" off...he replied, that Seth would grab the necklace and make sure I didn't! Guess no long necklaces in my future...