Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hallmark Hall of Fame

Oh, how I love a good Hallmark Hall of Fame movie! I think it must have been my mom who introduced me to this type of movie. The commercials are the best part, of course. Tonight's movie was called "The Water is Wide." Interestingly, it was set in South Carolina and involved education. It was a good one, although not my favorite Hallmark movie. Hands down, that would have to be "To Dance with the White Dog." Oh, I know the title sounds a little strange, and to be honest, the story itself is a little strange. But, oh, how it's full of love & commitment. It is just so good! Here's a summary of it:

Academy Award®-winner Jessica Tandy (Driving Miss Daisy) and real-life husband Hume Cronyn star in this uplifting celebration of marriage that would last a lifetime and love that would live an eternity. After 50 years of marriage, Mr. Sam loses his beloved wife, Cora, and no amount of fussing by his overprotective kids is going to ease Sam's loneliness or his own failing health. Then one day, a white dog comes out of nowhere to change Sam's life and heart...filling his empty hours, reviving his faded dreams and showing Sam the power of everlasting love.
Stars: Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Esther Rolle, Christine Baranski, and Frank Whaley

Like I said, the commercials during the Hallmark movies are the best. I think my favorite of all time is when the little child came into the classroom and had a card for the teacher. I can't remember if the teacher asked the child to read the card or if the child offered, but basically the child starts to read the card to the teacher. It's a thank-you card for teaching the child to read. It is sooo sweet!

They didn't show that one tonight, but they had a similar one where an adult went to give a retiring college professor a card and he asked her to read it because he couldn't find his glasses. She read it and it was about how he had planted many seeds and she knew that at least one was blooming because it was her. She had gone on to become a teacher herself.

I promise you, I had tears rolling down my face and my checkbook is itching to buy some Hallmark cards tomorrow. (Guess their advertising ploy worked with me, huh?!?)
So, what's your favorite Hallmark Hall of Fame movie?


jettybetty said...

Was "Sarah Plain and Tall" a Hallmark movie? I think it's my fav!

I am sooo glad I'm not the only one that cries during commercials--my hubbie thinks it's pretty strange!

Matt Elliott said...

Crud! Did I miss "The Water Is Wide"? Will it be on again? I LOVE that book!

Kristen said...

Hallmark Hall of Fames are MY favorite movies from growing up -- my brother and I would tape them and watch them over and over again. I loved Secret Garden, Caroline, and Sarah Plain & Tall. And you are right, the commercials are some of the best parts of the movies!

Great post!

janjanmom said...

COME ON JACINDA...IT IS WEDNESDAY!! Your reading public request you blog!! I just finished my 100 things about me and will savor it for a few days. You should try it! Everyone needs to know 100 things about you.