Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kindergarten sin

I'm not sure what to write, but I'm having a bit of "blogger withdrawal" so I'm going to come up with something. Also, JanJanMom requested that I post something. That made me feel good that someone actually wanted to read the stuff I write. She requested I do one of the "100 things about me" posts, but I don't think I'll do that right now. I kind of thought I'd already done that, but I couldn't find it when I went to my archives. Anyway........
*I committed a 'Kindergarten sin' this morning during my tutoring time at Gracie's school. I had just completed my time with Gracie & "M," the friend she chose to come work with her. We were about to leave to go back to the classroom, and I noticed that her mouth was so dirty! You know, left over breakfast & toothpaste. So embarrassing that I'd forgotten to wash her face before we left for school. So, what do I do? You can probably guess. I licked my finger and went to work on that face. She was not happy! She hates that! Thankfully, "M" made it a little better because she talked about how she didn't like it when her mom does that to her. I think hearing that it sometimes happens to "M," made it a little more bearable!

*"K" is a little boy in Gracie's class who is so sweet! We were walking to the library and when we got to the double doors, we both reached out to open one of them. I let him open it and then hesitated thinking he would walk in. He paused and stepped back to let me walk in first! I could tell he was deliberately holding it for me and letting me go first. Such polite manners for a little boy! Ever since I've been working with him, I could tell that this kid has someone at home teaching him something right. There's just something about him that I really like!

*Another little boy, "H," said the cutest thing today. He was looking at a book with clocks in it. He mentioned that it was 8:00 on the clock in the book and asked if Gracie knew how to tell time yet. I told him that no, she didn't. He said he had a book about it. I commented that that was neat. He thought for a minute and said, "I could have a yard sale and sell that book and you could come buy it and then she could learn how to tell time." I laughed & laughed! Mainly because I'm friends with his mom and couldn't wait to call her & tell her what he'd said....which I did while walking out to my van when I was finished. He didn't offer to let her borrow it, or offer to give it to her, but he'll sell it to her! I assured him that she did have a book already. He, too, is a sweetie!

*Gracie will have a fun weekend with her friend, "A." His parents are going out of town for a birthday/anniversary celebration, so he's staying with us. I know Gracie & "A" will enjoy spending lots of time together playing!

*My cousin, Andrea, mentioned that she's been reading some of my blog and that my "JettyBetty lady" seems neat. I agree with her!

*My new niece should be born 1 week from today...if not sooner!

*I read things sometimes about different people being upset at each other over doctrinal differences (& sometimes non-doctrinal differences). In my humble opinion, if both sides are being tacky about it by cutting each other down and being sarcastic about the other and "fueling the fire" to get other people to be tacky, is either side acting Christ like? What happened to 'turning the other cheek?'

*It's okay to disagree with each other in Bible Class or church or work or school or family. Correct? Why do people get so heated about it that it turns personal & mean? (This could be applied to the above statement but could also apply to a totally different situation.)

*I am so into the Norah Jones "Come Away With Me" cd that I downloaded from iTunes. I can listen to it over & over & over! I also bought a Michael Buble cd from Hallmark the other day. You know, one of those where you can get it at a special price if you buy 3 cards. He's pretty good, too. Tony Bennett is also one I love! I think it's pretty obvious what kind of music I like.

*I got an email from my cousin, Angela yesterday. She is busy planning her wedding for this summer. I am so happy for her. It seems like just yesterday that she was just a little girl. I am so thankful & happy that we're getting closer thanks to the easy communication of the Internet!

*I'm currently reading Jan Karon's "Light from Heaven." The last in the Mitford series. Sadly, I'm not getting into it as much as I thought I would. I think I was on the wait list at the library for over 2 months. I will finish it!

*Ebay. I've been buying & selling for quite some time now. Sometimes I make good money & sometimes not. Some friends are getting into the selling aspect now, too. They are so excited! I hope they sell good stuff and make good money. It's easy to get excited and get ahead of yourself and end up spending more on fees than what you make because stuff doesn't sell. Hopefully, they'll have good fortune with it. It is fun!

*Remember to be happy and count your blessings. 5 of mine:
God's love, faithfulness & grace
church family
Those may be general, but they are blessings, so why not mention them?!? What are yours for today?


jettybetty said...

More cute kids stories! Kids just gotta learn to love momma's spit baths!

I think I would like your cousin, Andrea, does she have a blog? =-)

It bothers me when Christians disagree, too. Wouldn't it be impossible for us to 100% agree with anyone? I don't even agree totally with my husband. It's hard to know when to disagree--I have a list of non-negotiables--but I TRY to be loving even when someone doesn't agree with them. You make some very good points along these lines!

I don't think you have blogger withdrawal--you came up with a lot of good stuff today!

janjanmom said...

Why can't we all just get along!! When the lost of the world see will be the season for a fresh outpouring!! Let the sons and daughters of the King of Glory now arise and shine...I love that song.

Glad you posted ( :

1. sunshine (rainy here today!!)
2. husband/children
3. new mercies every morning
4. friendships (the kind where you know each other's bad stuff, you have seen each other's messy house, seen each other's bad mood and you're still friends)
5. pets

Malia said...

First, I do the lick thing too. I've done it all Sweetpea's life but not until recently did it become gross to her :-)

Second, loooovvvvveeeee Norah Jones, if you like that one so much you'll really like Feels Like Home.

Blessings today:
*it's Groundhog Day and we watched the movie together as is our tradition
*I worked today which means more $$ to put in the Disney fund
*my FIL keeps the baby for me when I work - Big Blessing!
*my husband came home early from work - love it when that happens!
*tomorrow is Friday!