Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Is Mexico like New Mexico?

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We've been reading our Egypt books. I got a few more from the library and my friend, Mary Beth, loaned us one on pyramids. (Thank you! I know you read....LOL) It's been quite interesting! Today, Gracie drew a picture and wrote some sentences that told what she learned. She said, "Mommy, this isn't like real school!" I made her write the sentences anyway! (Funny....her teachers act like she never complains about working at school, but with me, it's a whole other story! Yet one more reason I'm not sure full time homeschooling would work for us! LOL)

A funny story about looking at one of the pyramid books today. There were some pictures of pyramids that were in Mexico and I mentioned that to her. She said, "Is that like New Mexico?" (You must remember that her daddy grew up in NM and her grandparents live there now.) I started laughing and told her that no, New Mexico is actually a state in America but Mexico is a whole other country. Concepts like that are so hard for kids to grasp!

Here is what her sentences say (using her spelling~I showed her how to spell Egypt and told her how to spell pyramids.):

I leard about egypt. I leard tate egypt
pepl belt the pyramids. I leard tate wen
pepl dide tay wer put in pyramids.
There was a tornado drill today while I was at the school. I do not like tornadoes and was not aware that today was a day for a drill. All I knew was that I was in the K workroom tearing out workbook pages when the asst. principal (Mr. D) came over the intercom and said something like, "Teachers, we are now under a tornado watch. That means conditions are favorable for a tornado." I'm thinking, "Did you actually have to say the word tornado? The kids are probably freaking out!" There was a substitute aide out in the hall with some children and she asked if I knew what the procedure was...which I didn't! I was thinking of going out to Gracie's classroom (which is a portable) to check on her. (The sub. aide went into one of the K classrooms). After a few minutes, Gracie's aide (Mrs. H) came into the K workroom with the class, followed by Miss S. Gracie was just smiling away.....not freaked out at all! I'm thinking that I'm glad I'm with her but worried about Katie across the street. Apparently, the workroom is their designated spot since they can't stay in a portable. They got all the kids down in the "tornado position"...either up against a wall or under a table. Miss S and Mrs. H are still standing and Mrs. T (the shadow aide) went to the restroom, so I lean over to Mrs. H and ask, "Is this just a drill?" She says, "yes." *whew* I really wasn't looking forward to losing it in front of a bunch of Kindergarteners......who were cool as cucumbers by the way. Seriously, only one child was crying and honestly, that poor little girl cries at the drop of a hat, so it probably had nothing to do with a tornado drill! The kids were sooo good! They were a little wiggly but really, all in all, very well behaved!

Mrs. H and I stood there talking the whole time. She asked me where we went to church because apparently Gracie had told her we were getting a new church building. (Gracie had no recollection of this conversation when I asked her about it, but she's like that.....forgets details like that!) So, Mrs. H and I talked about that for a few minutes and then kept talking about some other things. I really like her alot! I love anytime I can talk about God or church with anyone at the school. It makes me feel good knowing that someone who is with my child during the day attends church and apparently loves God! I also know Mrs. T attends church. (Thanks Mary Beth for that information!) I don't know if Miss S does or not. I love Miss S, but there's just something about Mrs. H that I'm so comfortable with. I'm not sure if it's that she's older and has kids of her own or her calm demeanor or the fact that we have that church connection, but I just feel good knowing that she's with Gracie during the day. I trust her. (Not to take anything away from Miss S. She is soooo wonderful, too.)


TMK said...

I loved the comment about the little girl who cries at the drop of a hat. Some people just have drama in their blood.

That would have scared me too! Inclement weather scares my pants off. There's nothing you can do but hunker down! Since I have kids, I have a little more courage. Probably because I suddenly remember that God is in control, since that is what I am telling the boys. I guess one day, it clicked that I should believe that too! Kids learn ya!

elizabeth said...

What a sweet journal that Gracie wrote! I love getting an insight into what our little kindergarteners are thinking!

I grew up in Abilene and we had a tornado warning it seems like every week in April and May. I used to be terrified of them!

jettybetty said...

I won't surprise you--I have a comment on the homeschool statement. I've talked to my kids many times about homeschooling--and something like that is what they say--they wanted me to be the mom and their teachers to make them learn some stuff. (Not that moms aren't teachers--they are very much a child's primary teacher--but sometimes it improves relationship to not have to force a kid to do SOME things--don't you think??)

Deana Nall said...

I can't even begin to tell you all the stories I have of Mexico/New Mexico confusion I have had to deal with. I lived in N.M. until I was 11 and then I had this exact conversation with I don't know how many people (and they were not kids...they were teens and adults):

Person: How long did you live in Mexico?

Me: I lived in NEW Mexico.

Person: Oh, yeah. Same thing.

Then there was the nice little racist girl at Girl Scout camp in Texas who didn't want to share a tent with me because I was from N.M. and therefore a "dirty Mexican." Well, I didn't want to share a tent with her, either!

Chad's had to deal with some pretty ridiculous comments about Alaska, too. Did he live in an igloo? (Eskimos don't even live in them -- they build them for temporary shelter when they're hunting.) Did he eat seal meat? Did he ride a dog sled to school? Etc., etc., etc.

Malia said...

I remember tornado drills while we lived in Abilene. Tornados really scare me. When that movie, Twister, came out (with Helen Hunt) the opening scene from her childhood had me in tears!

My daughter is a big drama queen. If I had been in your situation, the minute she saw ME she would have broken down into tears even though she was just fine a second earlier! And she's the same way with me about "school work" at home. They know how to lay it on thick with their parents!