Friday, February 10, 2006

Our Friday

As usual, Chris took Gracie to school this morning since he doesn't work on Fridays. I am continuing to enjoy his schedule! Gracie has quite the crush on her P.E. coach and Chris told me that Coach talked to her this morning as he (Chris) walked her across the sidewalk. He wanted to know if she had a bow and wanted to see it. This man is so good with the children...such a fun relationship he has with them, which is exactly what a P.E. teacher should be like ! Chris said she just giggled & giggled. My parents tell me that I also had a crush on my first P.E. teacher!
I ran a few errands this afternoon & picked Gracie up from school. Katie was missed by the ladies I usually chat with in the afternoons, but it sure is alot easier not to have to take her up there with me like I usually do. This was "Q" week and she had taken a small quilt for Show & Tell that Mama Taber, her great-great-grandmother had made. She hadn't eaten much of the lunch her daddy had packed her (a little water, 1 piece of cheese & 1 cracker to be specific!) so we had to have a talk about that! Granted, Chris packed her way too much but just because she thought it was too much, does that give her an excuse to eat so little of it? No!

We "piddled around" then went to run a few errands before going to see "Curious George!" It was just going to be Gracie & I but at the last minute, Chris decided to come with Katie also. I had gotten Gracie & mine's tickets earlier, but then Chris ended up waiting forever for his ticket. I had the girls in the theater ready with snacks when he joined us. It was a fantastic movie! As with any movie, I found things that could have been left out or changed, but all in all, it was really great! I laughed out loud more than once and George was as cute as a little baby! Katie did wonderful! I was really worried that she wouldn't pay attention and would be loud (thus the reason we hadn't originally planned to take her) but it kept her attention up until about the last 10 minutes. She moved around some and talked some, but she really did well!
Chris had told me recently not to open any packages that came in the mail because of Valentine's Day. However, when I simply checked the mail yesterday and there was a package with the return address "the ZOE group, Nashville, TN" it's pretty hard to not know what's in there! I have been wanting one of their cd's forever and I finally got one! Chris let me open it early. I've probably listened to it 4 times already at least!
Tonight, Gracie & I played a memory game with Strawberry Shortcake cards and Letter Factory. Katie tried to play with us. You can imagine how that went!
Sunday night, we're passing out treats & Valentine's to the older people who live at the place where we've been having church while our building is being built. (which should be finished soon!) It was fun when we did this activity back at Christmas, so we're doing it again.
Katie has been folding her sweet little hands and bowing her head while we pray. It is so precious! She will say names every now & then when we ask her who she wants to pray for. To hear her say (her version of) "Baby Morgan" is adorable! She has also been sitting on the potty quite a bit this week! Nothing has happened yet, but she sits there well. We usually end up singing lots of Bible Class songs! I'm hoping she'll be "productive" soon!
Malia was talking about something this week. I think it had to do with the TKAM saga. She said that the director of her child's school always says, "Don't prepare the path for your child, but prepare your child for the path." I think that is so wise and something Chris & I strive for. We want our children to have happy lives, and it's tempting to try to make things as easy as they can make their little lives free of all care & trials, but we also want to prepare them to deal with things they will encounter in those lives. We want to teach them how to handle things in a Godly way. We want to teach them how to react to situations while still showing the love of Christ. Thank you Malia for sharing that quote. I think I had heard it before....maybe it was even from you.
Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.
Psalm 127:1a

Lord, Please help Chris & I to raise our daughters to be pleasing to You! Help us to build a home that makes You smile. Keep us away from things that will harm us, either spiritually, physically or emotionally, but give us exposure to things we need in order to learn! Help us to be people who make others happy & bring joy. Thank you for the safe arrival of Morgan this week. Please help Chris & I to make smart decisions in our Spiritual life, in our marriage, in the raising of our children, in our relationships & friendships with others, financially & job-wise. Thank you for all you do for us!

In Jesus' Name,



jettybetty said...

I missed that quote in Malia's blog--(I'll write it off to a wild week)--but I LOVE it--don't you think it's very scriptural?

What Zoe CD did you get? I have the last 2 they have done--and they are both wonderful!!

Jacinda said...

I have "The ZOE group presents ANCIENT FUTURE An Experience in Worship." It's really good!

Malia said...

This year some parents got together and funded a bumper sticker for the school that could be purchased for $5, all the proceeds going to the school. It's an oval shaped sticker, in the middle it says "We love Otter Creek!" and around the perimeter it says "Preparing the child for the Path". We have one our car.

JB - I left the quote in the comments section of Jacinda's TKAM post.

I love all the Zoe cd's and my favorite is always which ever one is the most current...right now it's In Christ Alone! So I'm sure when the next one comes out, that'll be my favorite!