Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Miss Patty Cake is coming!

Miss Patty Cake is coming to town! In our household, we love Miss Patty Cake! When people don't know who I'm talking about, I say that she's like a "Barney for Christians!" She sings the most wonderful songs about Jesus & God and the world God made. They're very catchy songs and I catch myself singing them if we've been listening to them. She is a very positive role model for children.

Miss Patty Cake doesn't have a million different things to buy like other "characters", but she has 2 cd's, some dvd's, a book, a couple of clothing items and a doll. There are probably a few other things as well. We have her 2 cd's, the book, a signed orange t-shirt and the doll. We don't have any of the dvd's but may get a couple
for Katie's birthday. Our library has most of them and we check them out every now & then....especially for the children to watch in their class at Life Group.

Gracie & I went to see her in November 2004 in a nearby town. I kept it a surprise until right before we went in to the show. She was so excited! I have to admit to thinking that her videos were better than seeing her in person, but it was still really neat, especially getting to meet her! Today, I was reading one of the parent newspapers that I'd picked up at Katie's MDO and saw where she was coming back to the area at a different church. The tickets are free so I called to get 4 sent to us! I went ahead & told Gracie about it. May be a mistake since it's not until March 18th, but I recently got a calendar for her room, so I'll mark the day and she can count down!

I am so excited especially since this year, Katie will go and she totally knows who "Miss Pacake" is (as she calls her.)
My brand new niece was born in Nashville this morning! Morgan Elizabeth Jackson, welcome to the family!


elizabeth said...

Matthew was really interested in Miss Patty Cake back when he was around 2. I need to pull out those videos for the other two. She was great!

Deana Nall said...

Your post reminded me of the old Miss Pattycake video we had for Julia. I dug it out for Jenna today. It holds her attention, but I have to admit -- I can only take Miss Pattycake in small doses. :/

jettybetty said...

Miss Pattycake sounds wonderful!

Congratulations on the new niece--hope mom and baby are doing well!