Friday, February 03, 2006

Paducah....who knew the world was so small!?!?!

In response to all of the Paducah & Reidland comments from my last post, I am freaking out! I've always considered Paducah to be a pretty small place and just where "Maw Maw & Granddad" lived.

Okay, here's the run down on my family. If any of you know any of them, please let me know. This is so fun!

I was born in Paducah at Western Baptist Hospital in 1973. (I'm old!) My grandparents were Roy & Dorothy Jackson. (Maw Maw & Granddad) They lived in Paducah on Blair Rd. Granddad had a fish market in downtown Paducah for many years. I wish I'd had more time with him, but he died in 1984. I think he was only 62. Maw Maw was a very special grandmother! She died in 2003, when I was pregnant with Katie and I probably think of her at least once every day.

Maw Maw & Granddad had 3 children, Randall Roy (my dad) & his twin sister, Sandra Joy. (Randy & Sandy) and Nanette. Sandy & her husband Dennis live in Benton but lived in Calvert City for many, many years. I think they've only lived in Benton since 2002 or 2003. They attend Calvert City Church of Christ. My parents now live in Atlanta and Nanette lives in Texas.

We moved from Paducah when I was 4 (?) to Atlanta. We spent lots of time on the road between GA & KY. Well, I say lots of time. Once or twice a year I guess. Usually at least once in the summer and at Thanksgiving or Christmas. I remember jumping in the car at odd hours and sleeping much of the night while we raced there when Granddad was sick. Sometimes he would be in the hospital in Nashville, so that was a little closer. He had cancer in both kidneys at different times of his life. I remember how tired the dialysis would make him and they couldn't visit us much because 2-3 times a week on dialysis is alot for one person to have to endure. In the end, I'm not even sure it was the kidney problems that he died from. Honestly, I'm not sure. I just remember Mom coming into the room at Maw Maw & Granddad's house and waking me up, telling me he had died. At 11 years old, I didn't really ask too many questions about exactly what happened.

I spent many, many services at Reidland Church of Christ. I called my mom and she said Reidland started in 1964 and Granddad was one of the first elders. Do they still have the green leather seats? and the nursery up above the auditorium with the big window? I remember attending many VBS' during the summers. They always had huge cookies and drinks like what you'd get in a restaurant where they'd pull the little lever to make the drink come out. I remember a green Bible and singing the "Booster Booster" song. Maw Maw moved to Calvert in 1994, so that's when she stopped attending at Reidland. She moved to be closer to my aunt.

I remember many, many, many afternoons spent at Noble Park with my cousins, Brent & Andrea (and probably the Fuqua boys were there some, too!) I'd ride the little boats in the water that would just go 'round & 'round and ride the train and maybe even ride the haunted house train! I love those times with my cousins! I was always a little jealous of Andrea living so close to our grandparents!

Let's see if can name people I remember from there to see if any of you know any of them. (I am a sentimental fool, so this is great fun for me!) I remember the names of the Fuqua's (imagine my delight in running across the blog of Brad! I could probably dig up a picture of him when he was 4 or 5 when we went fishing one time. His brother, Clay, was a year older than me and I think Brad was quite a few years younger, but I remember playing at their house. They lived right up the road & around the corner from my grandparents.) I remember "Pinchy Pinchy." This sweet man was named this because he would always pinch me! To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if I can even remember his real name, to this day I think I'd nudge my mom and say, "There's Pinchy Pinchy!" Gosh, I really can't remember his name, but I think they were real involved with the children's home that was near there. I remember Mr. Jernigan who was the preacher for a long time and Terrell Lee who I think is the preacher now. There are many faces running through my mind but names are escaping me.

I had/have many other family members in the area. Mama Taber was Maw Maw's mother. I remember wanting so bad to push the red button in her little apartment. I knew I couldn't because it was the button for her to push if she needed help, but it was such a temptation! Mammy Jack was Granddad's mother. I remember visiting her in the nursing home. (Her husband was Pappy Jack. We wanted my dad to go by Pappy Jack; it has mostly been shortened to Pappy by my girls, but I think my niece calls him Pappy Jack. Sandy tried to get them to call him Happy Pappy Jack because he is sometimes goofy, but I think that one is going to be too long!)

Cloys & Din Thorne were my great-aunt & uncle. (Cloys was Maw Maw's sister.) They lived over near Lourdes Hospital. I loved them! Bob & Opal Ramage were also a great-aunt & uncle. (Opal was Maw Maw's sister, also). They lived somewhere; I can't remember where. Opal was the shortest, tiniest woman I've ever known and so sweet! I remember being scared to death of Aunt Grace's (Granddad's sister) pigs when we'd go to her farm. She lived around there somewhere, too. I think I most likely have a few "hillbilly" relatives around there, too!

Wow! I have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane! I am sitting here writing with tears sprouting, thinking of these special times and these special people. Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time.


janjanmom said...

I think we live in your grandparents old house on Blair Rd!!!! I won't divulge the address for safety sake, but if they sold it to the Sparks, and I am 98% certain they did-it is one and the same!! How's that for a small world. We have attended RCofC for a little over 12 years and my husband Erik(age 40) has attended there since he was pretty young. I was born in 1972 so be careful calling yourself old-I still consider myself a spring chick which makes you one too!!

I believe that I met your grandparents long ago but I am not certain. My husband and Clay are very good friends because they are both drummers. This is just tooo funny!!

janjanmom said...

I did not even answer your church ?'s!! I think pinchy pinchy may be Don Nuckolls and he is doing well, struggling with parkinson's but still lots of fun..his wife is Nova. They are pillars in our church. If not them it is probably Jim Sims (Saundra is his wife). Other pillars in the church! Both couple worked with the children's home. Terell and Teresa Lee are still in ministry at our church. Their children are grown now and they have a new grand-daughter(Alicia's).

We threw out the pews (actually donated them to another church) and now have modern chairs with a facelift on most of our building. The nursery was moved years ago when we all were complaining about having to walk those steep step with our tiny babies!! The window is gone-this is our youth nest now.


Jacinda said...

Oh no! I cannot believe this! This is soooo cool! I almost cried when I read that!

Now, I know they sold some land with the house and there was a really pretty house built back behind their house. Which do you live in? I loved my grandparents' house! I heard whoever bought it did alot to it. I would love to see pictures. You can email me at if you have any pictures you could send. Such a small world it's not even funny!

My cousin, Andrea and I drove by their old house after her funeral in Nov. 2003. So weird. If I ever go back, could I please come see what you've done to it?!? (Like I said, I am a sentimental fool!)

janjanmom said...

My house is your house!!

You are welcome anytime. We gutted the house completely and made a fourth bedroom. We treasure our soft pine wood floors throughout the house , all the more knowing it was ALWAYS carpeted (at least we think it was)! The outside is probably still identical, white siding-one car garage... we have plans but we are still saving. The new house in back belongs to friends of ours that go to RCofC as well. It is 3 stories nice!!

I knew when we moved here, this house was full of happy memories and we are glad to keep adding to them.

Jacinda said...

Okay, I just talked to my mom and she said it wasn't Sparks who bought the house. She said it was the White's. Do you know them?

janjanmom said...

Okay, they sold that house to the Flournoy's and built the big 3 story one!!

WOW!! Yes they did overhaul the house big time. Added on and gutted. She would probably say the same thing...stop by the Sparks old house first and I will go with you to see it!!

OKAY, it isn't exactly the same, but still very interesting that they lived in this neighborhood!! I love it here and really love it that we all have such big nice yards! Mr. Golightly just passed away, your mom may remember him. Their house is for sale...if you wanted to come back ( :

Jacinda said...

I'm pretty sure it's Don Nuckolls, but Jim Sims sounds familiar too. I think Pinchy Pinchy was Mr. Nuckolls.

Okay, I'm still confused. So, now you think you don't live in my grandparents' house?!? There weren't a whole lot of houses on that little back stretch of Blair Rd. Theirs was brick with a 1 car carport on the right and a detached garage. Whoever bought it I think built the large white house with the porch back behind Maw Maw's house.

Is your house right before you get to Maw Maw's house on the right? Golightly....little green house?!?! I do remember that name.

So, the that your last name? Mom didn't remember that name from church.

Sorry for so many questions. This is just really neat to me!

Matt Elliott said...

And just think -- this all began with me tagging you. :-)

Jacinda said...

Matt, my thoughts exactly! I was calling my mom on the cell phone as she drove to Huntsville today asking her about all the details I didn't know. (She hates to talk on the phone while she drives.)

Even after I explained that it was because of you that all of this has come to light, she said, "Daughter, you have too much time on your hands."

She just doesn't get it. Can't you help me out?!?! :-) I truly think part of it is a generational thing. Not to say some "older" people don't enjoy blogging, but probably not as many as younger people.

Jacinda said...

Again, let me add my disclaimer:

My mother is a wonderful mother & I love her. I don't want it to seem as if I'm criticizing her. She just doesn't understand the purpose of blogging. :-)

janjanmom said...

I don't understand the "purpose" of blogging either, but I'm hooked. It is kind of neat when you make true connections with some stranger in South Carolina ( :

jettybetty said...

What amazes me is how small the world is--like the Paducah thing--amazing!

Kate said...

You know we clicked instantly when you found out where Scott and I moved from! Bryson was born at Western Baptist as well. Although Scott and I attended Reidland CoC infrequently, we knew people there. We were good friends with Steve and Rhonda Bloemer (Scott worked with Steve for 5 years) and I knew Summer and Bret Morris as well. Summer and I actually went to high school together! It is so neat to see people link together through this common bond. Glad you put a "shout-out" to Paducah on your blog!

Alyssa said...

Hi Jacinda! I totally remember you! I can't believe that your remember me :) It sounds like you and your family are doing well! One of my favorite things about blogs is catching up with old friends! Have fun as you put together your ties to Puducah :)

Amy W said...

I grew up in Mayfield in KY-- right down the road. I have tons of memories in Paducah.... Going to the mall the first time it opened, going to Showbiz pizza for birthday parties-- and, let's not forget those Tillman football games! What a rivalry back then!
The world is so small!

I attended 7th and College C of C in Mayfield.