Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are some Valentine pictures of the girls + a picture of a little something Chris had delivered to me today. So sweet!

Gracie came home with a *lovely* necklace yesterday and a certificate she had received for 'good behavior.' We're proud of her! I think (once a month?) the teachers of each class nominate a student to get the good citizenship for their class. I think hers was actually from last November! A little late, but that's okay! She had also gotten to be Coach's special helper yesterday! She got to go help him while he taught the 2nd graders. Knowing how much she *loves* Coach, you can imagine her thrill at doing this! The way it was explained to me, the students can receive tickets for certain things and then those tickets are drawn out (once a week?) to see who gets to be his special helper. She was thrilled!


Erica said...

Your girls are precious too! I remember the Good Citizen awards. I always felt so special. Glad they are still around. How proud you must be?

jettybetty said...

Wow--it looks like you have had a GREAT valentine's!!!

tlnagel said...

I just know this is the Jacinda I used to know at Reidland CofC, at least I useed to know her parents.Good to hear about your life. Blessings, Lynn(Hunt) Nagel