Sunday, February 19, 2006

I've got a great husband


I read about Candace on someone else's blog the other day. I've been visiting her site for a week or so now, and it just tears me up to read about what she's going through. You may want to read about her and add her to your prayer list. There's also a prayer calendar you can join which is a neat way to let her family know you're praying for her. Pray for Candace Joy.

I've been thinking about this man still alot lately.

Girl Talk is a site that has some really good things! Some entries are just funny while others take more serious looks at the roles of Christian women.

Matt said something great at the end of this post. It hit me square in the face. ".....I have been blessed that my weaknesses and struggles have not created similar consequences for me, but that’s only because you don’t go to prison for being vain, lustful, inconsiderate, or disrespectful – all of which I tend to be in my worst moments. There but for the grace of God go I…..." ~Matt Elliott

Poor baby Seth is back in the hospital.

Gracie has no school tomorrow and Chris is off, too! The girls & I are getting our hair trimmed. I love the idea of letting Katie's hair grow long & curly, but it's driving me crazy. I have a feeling she'll come home with quite the cute little bob. Gracie already had bangs by this age, so who knows.......

One of my friends said she was going for a pedicure tomorrow and invited me along. Hmmm....not a bad idea!
I feel the need to give my husband a pat on the back. (I know he reads this....he just rarely comments!) He has been incredibly sweet the last couple of days. Granted, he's always sweet but lately even more so. Here are some of the reasons I know I'm blessed:
  • He is the spiritual leader of our family and assumes that responsibility easily and with no nagging from me.
  • He lets me sleep late on Fridays & Saturdays and almost always gets up from the computer when I wake up to let me have my morning computer time.
  • He helps me clean house way more & with much less complaining than other husbands (or to hear my friends talk I think so anyway.)
  • He tells me I'm beautiful all the time even though I know I could probably stand to lose 50 pounds!
  • He encourages me to be healthy but does it in a loving way.
  • He is always willing to spend time with the girls and let me have some "alone time" when I need it. I don't feel like I have to ask him to "babysit." He truly loves being with his girls and I know they will benefit from this as they grow older (and already are benefitting from it.)
  • He is such a balance to me......I worry; he's practical. I'm hesitant; he's more decisive.
  • He has such a good character and is respected for it.
  • People know he can be trusted & get a job done without letting the "little things" distract him.
  • He's not overly sensitive.
  • He takes responsibility for his actions.
  • He is gentle.
  • I have been not feeling great this weekend and he has been very understanding of that. I basically read all day Friday and he never once complained that I should get off the couch and do something. He took care of Katie, picked up Gracie from school and picked up some groceries & dinner. He brought me his prescription Ibuprofen pills when I hurt and offered me the heating pad that is usually for him because of his chronic aches & pains.

I think it's important to publicly praise myhusband and I know I don't do it near enough. He is amazing and I'm blessed to have him in my life and in the lives of our girls!


Dear Lord,

Thank you for blessing me with Chris and with my girls. I'm grateful for them and I pray that I'll let them know that I appreciate them. Please be with Candace as she is suffering and with Russell as he is grieving. Please help my girls to grow up secure in the love that You have for them and that Chris & I have for them. Please help them to come to us when they need help and help us to raise them in such a way that makes You smile.

In Jesus' Name,


jettybetty said...

Hope you are feeling better today!

I agree--we need to honor our husbands more often--you have done a wonderful job here!

Hope you enjoy your family time today!

Malia said...

Just another one of the many things we have in common, great husbands!

Chris said...

Thank you. You are the best.
I Love You.