Saturday, February 04, 2006

Can someone help me?

I'm looking for a cd. I'm not sure what cd. If I were to put a label on myself, I would say that I'm pretty conservative. I like to listen to the "oldies but goodies" worship songs. I also listen to our local Christian radio station that plays more of the newer, contemporary artists like Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, etc. & I really enjoy those. I'm looking for a cd that is more along the lines of the "oldies but goodies." I guess because I don't hear those as much anymore and I can listen to the other on the radio pretty much anytime. I also prefer the acappella version. I enjoy the intrumental versions too, but right now I want acappella.

I've gotten a little hooked on iTunes lately and thought I'd found something that I like. However, I don't like the album at all. Unfortunate for me, you can't return things on iTunes, so I have it forever!

I linked to a page the other day from Karen who I think I linked to from JettyBetty. TrueLift is the name of this group and I really like the samples they had. I would love to find something along these lines. I know I could just order a cd from them, but I'm really looking for something I can just download off iTunes. I also think I would like something from Zoe, but again I kind of want something I can just download and have immediately and not have to wait for it to be shipped. I used to listen the group Acappella all the time, but we have tons of their cds and am honestly just wanting something a little different. I've always enjoyed when I catch the Gaithers on tv and would stop to listen to them. The above mentioned cd that I didn't like is one of Bill Gaithers. I'm just really not pleased with it. I'm not sure why because I've always enjoyed listening to them before; maybe because it's just him?!? I'm not sure.

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions for me? I also like to have a children's cd in the car for us to play alot. Katie starts waving her little finger, saying "Shine. No! Shine. No!" (in reference to "This little light of mine.....hide it under a!") We have quite a few cds with the typical Bible Class songs, but I ran across one on iTunes called "Worship for Kids" that was more of the contemporary Christian songs sung by children. I think Gracie especially might like that one. Anyone have any suggestions of other cds along those lines?

Thanks in advance!


janjanmom said...

I always love the WOW greatest hit cd's. They have a nice sampling and I don't mind hearing them over and over because they all have a different sound.
The 2006 one is awesome!!

I really don't know any acapella groups other than acapella.

Laura said...

two favorites of mine are shane and shane, and jason upton. neither are solely acapella, but both write beautiful worship songs based off scripture from psalms, hosea and isaiah. i think both are on itunes. as for kids cd's, an oldy but goody for me was the psalty songs. :)

Sandy said...

Hi! Janice is my friend, so when I read in her blog about your Reidland connection, of course I had to visit... anyhow, you'd probably enjoy Zoe a lot, despite having to order it :-). One of my most favorite a capella CD's is "Testify" from Richland Hills CoC (again, you'd have to order it from their website- sorry!) I enjoy some of Free Indeed's stuff too, and they have a lot of the older Praise & Worship songs. But again... have to order. I have heard that Hallal was going to make their P&W music available for download, so you might check them out...

My kids and I all enjoy "Shout to the Lord Kids" and "Shout to the Lord Kids 2" CDs. I think there's even a third volume out now. But NOT "Shout to the Lord Kids Gospel"-ugh! We also really enjoy "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever Kids". These all have the great worship songs, but without the "edginess" some of the adult versions have, and they aren't "kidsy" like some of the kid's CD's tend to be. BTW, there is a "Hide 'em In Your Heart Vol 2". I bet all those might be available for download somewhere.

Amy W said...

I always recommend ZOE cds! :) Hee! Hee!

If you want to go the instrumental route, Nichole Nordeman is my ABSOLUTE favorite! She is incredible-- no one beats her lyrics! You can check out samples at