Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yeah, he's my favorite Olympian!

He just seems like a nice guy, he's cute, and he has pretty teeth. Don't worry, I've told my husband that I have a crush on him. He's okay with that because he has a crush on Sasha Cohen. Okay, maybe crush isn't the right word....considering that they're both way younger than either of us and considering the fact that we're married! But, you know what I mean, right? After all, I've seen the way some of you write about Dr. McDreamy or whatever it is you call the doctor on Grey's Anatomy. (He's pretty cute too, by the way!) Of course, here's my disclaimer......"Not as cute as Chris though!"

Anyway, I was really impressed with Apolo's interviews. He genuinely seemed like a good sport. After watching Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick "fight" and be so, in my opinion, immature, it was nice to listen to Apolo talk and see how humble he is and to watch him act with such good sportsmanlike character to his opponents. I had my doubts about him at first because apparently he is best friends with Shani. After seeing Shani's attitude, I figured his best friend would be the same way, but he didn't appear to be. He is also an amazing speedskater, and I enjoyed watching him. If he really isn't a nice guy and you just know something I don't know, do me a favor and don't tell me!


jettybetty said...

O I think he's a really nice guy!

SG said...

He's cute but he's no McDreamy! :) My husband won't admit it but he has been watching with me and is now just as into GA! We are so sad that it is being pre-empted by the silly old Oscars next week!!!

TMK said...

McDreamy is McHot! My husband and I watch it EVERY SUNDAY without fail! He thinks it's funny how hot I think Patrick Dempsey is. "But he is way too short for your liking" is what he likes to remind me. He's right! Whatever..

TMK said...

Oh, I need to tell you...I got that book, SAHM I am! I love it. I finished half the first hour I got it. I'm not a reader, but this one I can read. It's like reading blogs, I can't stop! Thanks for suggesting it.
As always, humbled to be your loop moderator,
Rosalyn Ebberly aka Tracy (ha! I am definetly not like that girl)